The Gauls

A Brief Note:

I have decided to lump the Gauls together with the Insular Celts of the British Isles, and use the words Gaul and Celt interchangeably. Customs differed wildly from tribe to tribe, let alone from landmass to landmass, and so I have attempted to provide overarching themes without homogenizing a diverse people.


The Gauls were a group of people who lived in modern-day France, Belgium, Switzerland and North Italy. Celtic in origin, the Gauls shared many cultural links to the Insular Celts who lived in the British Isles. They were a fierce people, known for sacking Rome in 390, and wreaking havoc along the Empire’s northern border until Julius Caesar finally conquered Gaul in 51 B.C.


Generally Gallic society was tribal in nature. Ruled by kings, they were restricted by laws passed by tribal counsels, and by the druids – a group of priests known for their secrecy. Women, while not equal by today’s standards, enjoyed one of the highest gender equality levels in the ancient world, and could divorce, own property, and fight in battle alongside men. Celts of both genders were also regularly polygamous, leading the Romans to label them as tawdry and wanton.

On a more personal level, Gauls prided themselves on their generosity, loyalty, honesty, and their sense of justice – a recipe for a very stubborn people, with a firm belief in right and wrong. They also held glory gained in battle as the greatest honor. Unfortunately for them, this last value meant that in battle the Celts would break ranks, throw down their shields and charge – a fact the highly disciplined Romans would take advantage of to regularly dominate the Celts in the field of war.


Most Gallic gods were locally-based animist spirits, but a few gained widespread popularity. They also revere the number three, and many images in their art reflect this. Most Celts believe that there is inherent magic in everything, and have an indifferent, almost jaded attitude toward magic.

Gallic PC Optional Variant Racial Traits

In place of Racial Stat Bonus:
  • Hardy and Wise: Gauls gain +2 to Constitution and Wisdom, but -2 to Intelligence.
In place of Skilled:
  • Indifference: +2 racial bonus on saves vs. enchantments.
  • Night Raider: Low-light vision, +2 racial bonus to Perception.
  • Wilderness Affinity: +2 racial bonus to Survival and Knowledge (Nature); one of these becomes a class skill for you.
In place of Bonus Feat:
  • Noble Warrior: Proficiency with light wooden shields (as a shield and as a weapon), battle axes, great axes, and slings. If the Gaul already has proficiency with slings, or gains it later, they gain a +1 racial trait to attack and damage with slings.

Gods, Pantheons, Domains, and Oracle Mysteries


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